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Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:New York, United States of America
RP journal for Stephen Bloom from the movie The Brothers Bloom. Mun and muse are both over eighteen.

Stephen Bloom and his brother Bloom Bloom were orphaned at a young age. They grew up to become very successful confidence artists. Stephen was the mastermind, coming up with very complicated plots, that frequently referenced literary works. He wrote his cons as if he were writing a story, with him, his brother, and their associate Bang Bang, playing out the roles he wrote for them. Recently, he wrote a con that convinced Bloom that Stephen and possibly Bang Bang are dead. Stephen is actually alive and living in New York city.

Stephen is charming, extremely intelligent, and has few morals, though there are lines he will not cross. He lives to create perfect cons, which he defines as "everyone getting exactly what they want." He bears no malice towards his marks and is not cruel by nature. Stephen typically will also not target women. He is a gentleman thief. When he does love, he loves deeply and will go to great lengths to make the people he loves happy, though his methods are questionable. The most important person in his life will probably always be his brother Bloom, even when they are separated.
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